Chef’s Specialities

  • Larb Pla Tod
    Crispy Barramundi fillets with chilli powder, red online , mint , coriander , roasted rice powder and spicy lime dressing
  • Crispy Koong Cashew Nut
    Deep fried prawn with onion , capsicum , water chestnut , cashew nut and fried dry chillies of crunchy egg noodles
  • Koong Makham
    Deep fried prawn with tamarind sauce , sweet and sour recipe served on bed of crunchy rice noodles
  • Duck Plum Sauce
    Roasted duck breast with plum sauce and vegetable with chef special sauce
  • Yum Pla Grob
    Crispy Barramundi fillets , sour green mango and roast cashew nut mild salad ( Seasonal )
  • Prawn with avocado
    Prawn cooked in red curry with avocado
  • Pla Meuk Pad
    Stir fried sqid with coconut , lime and chilli
  • Mussaman Lamb Chang
    A large fresh Victorian lamb shank , slow cooked until alomst falling off the bone,with slabs of lovely soft desiree potato and lashing of creamy Massaman curry sauce


  • Corn Cake
    Corn fritter with sweet chilli sauce
  • Fish Cake
    Thai-style fish cake served with homemade sauce
  • Mixed Entree
    A combination of a spring roll , a curry puff , a fish cake and a satay skewer and a money bag

Thai Curries

A. Vegetarian (extra tofu $2 )   $14.5o
B. Chicken , Pork or Beef           $16.50
C. Lamb $18.50
D. Prawn $21.50
E. Barramudi Fillet $21.50
F. Roast Duck $21.50

  • Gang Karee Kai ( Chicken Yellow Curry )
    Potatoes and herbs simmered in a mild yellow curry and coconut milk
  • Massamun Beef
    Slow cooked beef in coconut milk and massamun curry with potato
  • Gang Ped Yang ( Duck with Lychees )
    Roasted boneless duck breast with mild red curry paste , coconut milk , cherry tomatoes , pineapple , kaffir-lime leaves and lychees


  • Tom Yum koong
    Spicy prawn soup
  • Tom Kha Kai
    Spicy chicken soup with coconut milk

Thai Salad

  • Larb Gai ( Chicken Salad )
    Traditional steamed chicken breast mince salad delicately blended with online , chilli , coriander , mint , fresh lime juice and mixed with ground rice powder
  • Narm-Tok ( Beef or Pork salad )
    Sliced char-grilled beef or pork with Thai herbs, chilli , red onion , fresh mint leaves , shallot , coriander , fresh lime juice and mixed well with ground rice powder
  • Yum Ped Yang ( Roasted duck breast salad )
    Roasted duck breast mixed with sweet chili paste , red onion, shallot , coriander , roasted cashew nut , mint and fresh lime juice

Noodles and Rice

A. Vegetarian (extra tofu $2 )   $13.5o
B. Chicken , Pork or Beef           $15.50
C. Combo ( Chicken and Prawns ) $18.50
D. Prawn  $19.50

  • Pad Kua Gai
    Stir-fried thick rice noodles with egg , shallot and light soy sauce
  • Thai Fried Rice
    Jasmine rice stir fried with egg , onion , kalian , tomato and shallot
  • Spicy Thai Fried Rice
    Jasmine rice stir-fried with egg , fresh chilli and Thai basil leaves


A. Vegetarian (extra tofu $2 )   $14.5o
B. Chicken , Pork or Beef  $16.50
C. Lamb $17.50
D. Prawn $21.50
E. Barramudi Fillet $21.50
F. Roast Duck $21.50

  • Pad Khing ( Ginger )
    Stir-fried with soy bean paste , fresh ginger , black mushroom and vegetable in our special ginger sauce.
  • Pad Black Bean Sauce
    Stir-fried with black beans , seasonal vegetables and shallots
  • Pad Preaw Whan
    Stir-fried in sweet & sour with cucumber, tomato ,onion , red capsicum , pineapple and shallot

From the fishing net

  • Pla Preaw Wan (Barramundi sweet and sour)
    A whole deep fried Barramundi in sweet and sour sauce and topped with pineapple and tomato.
  • Pla Tod Kratiam (Barramundi with garlic)
    A whole Barramundi deep fried and covered in smashed cloves of fresh crunchy garlic.
  • Pra Rad Prik (Barramundi with spicy chilli sauce)
    Whole Barramundi deep fried and topped with a spicy Thai sauce