Chef’s Specialities

  • Pla Meuk Pad
    Stir fried sqid with coconut , lime and chilli
  • Mussaman Lamb Chang
    A large fresh Victorian lamb shank , slow cooked until alomst falling off the bone,with slabs of lovely soft desiree potato and lashing of creamy Massaman curry sauce
  • Larb Pla Tod
    Crispy Barramundi fillets with chilli powder, red online , mint , coriander , roasted rice powder and spicy lime dressing
  • Crispy Koong Cashew Nut
    Deep fried prawn with onion , capsicum , water chestnut , cashew nut and fried dry chillies of crunchy egg noodles
  • Koong Makham
    Deep fried prawn with tamarind sauce , sweet and sour recipe served on bed of crunchy rice noodles